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False Ceiling Design For Living Room

It is a well-known fact that a home is a reflection of our personality. The décor and aesthetics reflect your style. Everything from the colors to the walls and even the ceiling has to be in sync to express your personality. Taking care of all aspects of décor but losing out on decorating the ceiling makes the room strangely scattered, intensive, and unfinished. A false ceiling design is mainly an afterthought, either never bothered with or added to the room in a way that does not blend with the décor. The choice and installation must be carefully thought through to get the best out of your home décor and aesthetics.

False ceiling design for living room, when done, can take care of many things. It can help in conserving energy and thus reduce wastage. It can even help to enhance and amplify the sound of a room. False ceilings help minimize the need for air conditioning, create different looks for the space, and so much more. The tips to getting them right are good planning and a great sense of aesthetics.

False ceiling design for drawing room is the upper interior of any room, one that you would think many would not gaze upon. But you may also be wrong because the warmth and coziness of space are as much about the upper wall as it is about the four walls that surround it.

Most rooms in our homes used to have plain concrete ceilings, but nowadays, many are experimenting with false ones. The intricacy of such false ceiling designs in the hall or for the living room designs may vary. Modern home interiors work well with geometrical curves and lines, while traditional homes work with columns and moldings.

While ceiling design needs as many architectural and structural inputs as possible, it does help to know the intricacies and details so that you get something you want that will grace your home for years.

Consider The Space Of Your Living Room

The space of the room for which you will be building the false ceiling should be thought of as well, to make sure you don’t go wrong with the dimensions and proportions. Understand proportions and tailor design accordingly. The design of the room varies from one space to another. What exactly works in the living room may not work for the bedroom and so forth. Most of the time dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms need intricacy in-ceiling the design because they are either a place for relaxation or a family get-together. Living rooms may require varied lighting and more niches, as compared to bedrooms where the needs are limited. It makes sense to opt for the kind of room and its specific needs before designing one.

Know The Style Of False Ceiling Designs

A simple false ceiling hall design or living room cannot be the same as in other rooms. You need to decide the style before planning the ceiling design. The height of it matters on where it is going to be fixed. In the living room, for instance, dropped, undulating ceilings with the recessed lights lend drama. Contour and texturing look beautiful in this space. In bedrooms, false ceilings cannot be too low or too intricate or even make the room much more stressful. Also, make sure to check your area, whether you want it to be covered, exposed, or recessed, and plan the design accordingly.

Understand The Lighting Positions

Layered lighting works wonders for various effects. Modern ceiling design for the living room and their lighting is important when deciding on false ceilings and how they should be contoured. You can decide how you may want to position your ceiling lights. You can choose the different types of lighting and arrange them according to the space usage. Or you can also design your false ceiling first and then place lights after that. Whatever you do, lighting is an important component of false ceilings and can make or break their looks. They distribute and diffuse light, and this helps to improve energy efficiency overall.  For a small area, lighting, especially done with the POP ceiling design for the living room with a mixture of spot fixture and cove lighting works just as well.

False ceilings have become an essential part of architectural design. They can be used anywhere from a residential area to commercial spaces to hide the wires, lighting fixtures, and house vents. The ceiling construction designs depend on many things such as budget, space available, form, and other functionalities that you may attach with it.  Are you looking for a false ceiling for living room? If so, then you can contact Des-Kraft today!


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