Most Popular Questions

Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

They offer concepts and designs that will make your home or business look more professional and more attractive in every way.

Why should I hire Des-kraft?

We can assist you in avoiding costly mistakes that will save you money while also increasing the value of your house.

What cities do you work in?

We’re based in Delhi. We offer interior design services in Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Noida, Manesar & Jaipur. 

Can you provide references?

We will provide a portfolio of previous projects, and you can even recommend your own designs.

Can you work with me if I’m based in another country?


How long will our project take?

We will finish projects in the lowest amount of time possible prior to a major event.

How do we get started?

We'll make a list of the most important questions to ask, as well as your ideas for how you want your house to be decorated.

How involved in the process will I need to be?

We're only willing to know about your thought process and budget.

How do you show the final design?

We'll use software to show you the final design so you can visualize your dream home.

What is the sequence of phases that my design project will go through?

Our sequences of phases are divided into four stages: Creating a Concept, Budget Planning, Design Process and build and install.


What type of projects can you do?
We have extensive experience in both residential and commercial interior design. For interior interior and exterior consultation, call +91 9667743811!
Can you manage the entire project?
Yes, we can correctly handle the entire project, and each member of our team makes every effort to complete it efficiently and successfully.
What other services do you offer clients?

We offer all of the services associated with interior design.

Is any project too small?
Because each project is unique, it is dependent on the client's requirements.
Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?
Yes, you will need a designer since they will advise you based on the concept and the size of the area.
Is there a contract?

Yes, we adhere to all of our company's and client's guidelines.

What guarantees do you give?

We will ensure that the project will be completed right on time.

What will our project cost?

While each project is unique, with over a decade of experience, we can offer you an accurate estimate of how much you'll need to spend to achieve your goals. We'll also work with you to develop and keep to a budget based on the scale of your project.

Do you charge for your first meeting?

No, there aren't any fees because we offer free consultation.

Do you offer discounts for multiples rooms?

We run a lot of offers from time to time, and you can keep up with them by following us on social media.

What if the designer imposes their ideas instead of getting my personal taste?

Client acceptance is important to our company, so no matter what project we work on, we will prioritize our clients and their satisfaction.

Why do I need an interior designer if I already have an architect?

An interior designer is required to accessorize and furnish the empty spaces for your dream house.

I don’t know what style I want – can you still help?

Yes, we are always willing to assist anyone who needs it.

Can you integrate my favourite piece of furniture or accessories into the design?

Yes, of-course, we're customizing everything to your specifications.

Do you have fabric and wallpaper books to choose from?

Yes, we will present you with a variety of possibilities from which to choose.


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